I saw Dr. Schwerte at his practice in October last year on a visit to my friends and family in CA.

Knowing him privately first, I was additionally impressed with his professional knowledge and treatment and listening skills with me as a client. Andreas takes all your concerns as a message your body is sending you and he is the one who takes it upon himself to decipher those signals relying on his knowledge of classical and oriental medicine principles.

He has helped me cope with and overcome problems such as fatigue, insomnia, tension, sadness and finally inability to conceive.

I can now say that almost a year after following his treatment instructions (including herbal and acupuncture treatments), and after two/three years of trying, I’m pregnant and due on 24 May. Dr. Schwerte went out of his way to help me get the herbs I needed and to provide me with his advice through e-mail – considering that I live in Europe. I only have words of praise for his knowledge and dedication to this profession.