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How To Lower Your Cholesterol

According to latest research eggs and full fat foods are not the culprit for elevating your bad cholesterol …

Thanksgiving Recipes: Delicious And Healthy Options

For many people Thanksgiving is a celebration of life. Family and friendships are enjoyed on this day in combination with an abundance of food and drink — or sometimes overabundance. Check out the Mayo Clinic's website for healthy and delicious Thanksgiving recipes...

10 Common Medical Misconceptions

Medical Facts or Misconceptions? 10 common medical misconceptions from Dr. Rachel Vreeman’s new book Don’t Cross Your Eyes . . . They’ll Get Stuck That Way!

The Atlantic: How Long Can You Wait to Have a Baby?

Here's a great article about fertility statistics and challenges modern women face about having children.

Acupuncture in the News: Eastern Medicine May Aid Fertility

Acupuncture gains more popularity in fertility treatments. More patients than ever are choosing acupuncture and Chinese medicine to increase their fertility.

“I am pregnant :) …”

I saw Dr. Schwerte at his practice in October last year on a visit to my friends and family in CA. Knowing him privately first, [...]

Fatigue, Burnout, and Stress

Mankind's quest to conquer and create allowed us to evolve from primitive beings into sophisticated humans. Unfortunately it has also led to an increasing level [...]

Curing Allergies

Healing allergies makes a huge difference in the lives of those suffering. Simple cases, like seasonal allergies or allergies to dust and animal dander, should not go untreated, with simple and quick solutions available. And allergy sufferers should not be locked into infinitely treating symptoms, when there is a way to address the cause and bring lasting relief.

Women and babies ‘put at risk by aggressive IVF’ ?

“Professor Geeta Nargund, head of reproductive medicine at St George's Hospital in south London, voiced her concerns at a conference in Copenhagen. She said there [...]

Women Can Make New Eggs After All, Stem-Cell Study Hints

“Women may make new eggs throughout their reproductive years—challenging a longstanding tenet that females are born with finite supplies, a new study says. The discovery may also lead to new avenues for improving women's health and fertility.”

Save Your Kids From Big Food!

With a third of poor preschoolers being obese by age 5 and a $1 trillion junk-food industry intentionally marketing foods to our children that can be as addictive as nicotine and cocaine it's about time for a drastic change...

“Nature-Deficit Disorder” – exploring the links between depression and modern lifestyle

Most of us will agree that we spend too much time indoors and in front of computers, and that we suffer from an information overload. But how does it affect us?

IVF Treatment Increases Risk for Ovarian Cancers?

In vitro fertilization is a major treatment in infertility when other methods of assisted reproductive technology have failed. A recently published study shows evidence that this form of treatment is associated with an increased risk to develop borderline ovarian tumors.

The Power of Green Tea

For many people suffering from the effects of a busy lifestyle stimulants like coffee become a necessity. Although some health benefits are noted coffee's impediments to our health far outweigh its benefits. With its many health benefits and the ability to lower stress levels while boosting energy, green tea offers a fresh and substantial alternative.

Cure Your Acid Reflux, Part 2

In my last post about acid reflux I discussed why most types of acid reflux are caused by a lack of stomach acid (hypochlorhdyria), what causes hypochlorhdyria, and what other health problems can result from hypochlorhdyria. In this post you will learn simple tips how to improve this condition and cure your acid reflux...

Cure Your Acid Reflux, Part 1

Most people believe heartburn or acid reflux is caused by too much acid in the stomach. While this is true for some, most people experience chronic heartburn or acid reflux because they are lacking acid in their stomach. How does this work? The answer is simple...

Fetal Origins

In recent years more and more evidence emerges showing that lifestyle can affect fertility in many ways. A relatively new field of research, fetal origins or developmental origins, shows predispositions to certain diseases or even personality traits tracing back to the first nine months before birth.

Children and Sweets ― ‘A Father’s Perspective’

Ever felt conflicted about feeding your child sweets? Some experts say it is absolutely essential for their well-being ...


Lifestyle can affect fertility in major ways. Stress, diet, and environmental toxicity are amongst the most important factors. Here are a few simple tips how you can increase your reproductive health ...

How to Beat Your Allergies

The rise in the number of people suffering from allergic conditions has multiplied by an astonishing amount over the last decade. One out of five Americans suffer from various types of allergies. In China, considerable research has been done on the effects of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of allergies. It has shown that these forms of therapy offer a very effective alternative for the treatment of allergies.


Last week I wrote about three simple precautions to take in order to protect yourself from the flu or common colds. Here is what you can do though in case you get sick, or even worse, if you get sick frequently?


There is a nasty flue going around, many of my patients had it. You can greatly increase your chances of staying healthy throughout the flu season by adopting these simple practices.

GMO foods, infertility, and other possible health risks

I recently came across an interesting video published three years ago. It talks about potential health risks resulting from the consumption of genetically modified (GMO) [...]

Migraines: Acupuncture Proves Effective As First-Line Intervention

A recent study published in the journal Current Treatment Options In Neurology provided evidence that acupuncture is effective as a fist-line intervention for migraine headaches. Testing various complementary and alternative treatments, the authors concluded "Among complementary and alternative treatments, recent positive findings from randomized trials using acupuncture provide evidence of its potential as a first-line intervention."

What to Eat After Your Workouts

Nutrition in it self is a complex science. More so when it comes to exercising. Here are a few tips on what you can do nutritionally to optimize your health and workouts.

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