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“. . . conscientious, thorough, reasonable, and truly interested . . .”

I have been suffering from various knee/leg ailments since an IT band injury in November of 2004. Since then I've had the experience of when [...]

“. . . one of the best in his field.”

Andreas is a truly gifted practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. His training in western as well as eastern medicine, combined with his strong intuition [...]

“. . . an amazing doctor. Period.”

Andreas Schwerte is an amazing doctor. Period. He is gentle, highly sensitive to the patient and really devoted to fully understanding developments in both eastern [...]

“I have improved immensely both physically and mentally.”

It has been approx 4 months since I walked into your office for the first time. Since that time I have improved immensely both physically [...]

“. . . the health conditions have all but disappeared.”

Andreas' insights into my health have been invaluable. None of the doctors I visited before Andreas even suggested that my worsening migraine headaches (more frequent [...]

“I never had problems with my shoulder again”

In a brief verbal exchange Andreas analyzed my shoulder ache. In two one-hour visits within 10 days Andreas cured my pain. Since then I never [...]

“I went to numerous doctors . . .”

I had a serious muscular issue in my calf which caused me problems walking for about 4 years. I went to numerous doctors and health [...]


Chinese Herbs Prove Effective In The Cure Of Influenza A (H1N1) "Chinese herbs have proved effective in the cure of Influenza A(H1N1) in Ditan Hospital, [...]

“I have healed from bilateral Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis) 100%.”

I want to thank you for taking such amazing care of me. You played a big part in my healing. I have healed from bilateral [...]

“My energy level continues to increase.”

As we discussed earlier today, the benefits of the latest round of supplements you've given along with your continued accupuncture work have been quite noticeable. [...]

” . . . I owe him more than words will ever be able to express.”

I met Doctor Schwerte in April 2005. My initial consultation with him was to discuss my inability to taste or smell anything-nothing-like having a cold every day. This had been going on for nine years. Through the course of our initial consultation it was determined that I had several health issues which may be contributing to the loss of those senses. Over the last year, Andreas has taught me a lot about how organs interact with each other and why certain maladies keep arising within me. […]

” . . . he really listened to me and was truly concerned about my well-being.”

I herniated a disk in my back in 2005, and tried a variety of methods to obtain relief. I had never had acupuncture, and quite [...]

“His expertise and true benevolence holds a key (or dozens, rather) to free my Qi.”

For a long time, I never really considered acupuncture as a methodology for relieving my ‘worked’ muscles. It’s not that I viewed it as a bunk Eastern practice that would make me look like Hellraiser or that I would become faint at the sight of fine needles piercing my skin for the purpose of boosting my health and overall well-being.Perhaps it was because various massage techniques and chiropractic care seemed to keep me tuned up in the past, or just that I lacked a trustworthy practitioner. […]

” . . . he intuitively and instinctively knows exactly what to do.”

Nearly a year ago, I was referred to Dr. Andreas Schwerte by two independent parties: my great chiropractor and also a woman with whom I [...]

” . . . I’m beginning to feel whole again.”

I came to see Dr. Andreas Schwerte in order to prepare for a complicated surgery involving the removal of my uterus, ovaries, and cervix, as [...]

” . . . a caring and competent approach.”

Andreas is very talented acupuncturist. I have gone to him for help with digestive problems, fatigue and stress, and musculoskeletal pain. He has helped a [...]

” . . . conceived our first child in a matter of months!”

Working with Andreas, my husband and I conceived our first child in a matter of months! Through acupuncture, Andreas eased my pre-conception anxieties and, I [...]

” . . . he took a lot of time to get to know my issues . . . “

When I strained my back last year for the millionth time, I wanted to explore other forms of healing so I decided to try acupuncture. [...]

“I highly recommend Andreas Schwerte, O.M.D.”

I highly recommend Andreas Schwerte, O.M.D., L.Ac., who was great in fully healing severe pain I had in my left shoulder and arm. He has [...]

“… a calm and calming presence”

Last summer, my wife and welcomed a baby boy into our family.  Everything was wonderful until I threw my back out and was unable to [...]

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