Last week I wrote about three simple precautions to take in order to protect yourself from the flu or common colds. What can you do though in case you get sick, or even worse, if you get sick frequently?


Getting sick frequently is due to a weak immune system which is caused by a weak digestive system. Nutrients needed to feed your immune system are simply not absorbed or distributed well enough. Therefore your body gets weakened.


Antibiotics, of course, are the choice of treatment for very serious infections but do not work for the flu or even most common colds. And with the emergence of superbugs like MRSA or CRKP antibiotics are suddenly in question.


Chinese medicine has treated common colds and flu-like diseases for almost 2000 years with an overall efficiency that is not matched by any other form of medicine. The first textbook on how to treat common cold diseases (the Shang Han Lun) was published before the year 220, a collection that contained over 100 complex herbal formulas effectively treating the common cold. After all it was an epidemic that killed millions of people and deserved a lot of attention. In the 14th century this work was extended by the addition of the Wen Bing, which was published because doctors had realized that different bugs (pathogens) cause different febrile diseases. So another 100 medical formulas were added to the repertoire.


This depth of understanding makes Chinese medicine so effective in curing the flu and common colds and provides a great alternative to antibiotics. It is also a very quick and effective way to bring your immune system and overall health back on track.


So next time you catch a cold, get the flu, or if you get sick frequently, book an appointment for an acupuncture treatment and custom herb prescription.


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