The rise in the number of people suffering from allergic conditions has multiplied by an astonishing amount over the last decade. One out of five Americans suffer from various types of allergies. There are many reasons for this relatively sudden rise. Environmental pollution, household chemicals, diet, and some medications certainly seem to influence this trend but scientists are still unsure about the exact cause of the problem.


In China, considerable research has been done on the effects of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of allergies. It has shown that these forms of therapy offer a very effective alternative for the treatment of allergies by

  • Regulating the immune response
  • Strengthening the bodies energetic reserves
  • Reestablishing the bodies self-regulating mechanisms

Chinese medicine considers allergies not a permanent health condition but a temporary one that can be healed. When certain organ systems are weakened the immune system becomes dysregulated. By focusing on strengthening and regulating the body allergies can therefore be healed.


This is essentially a much better approach to treating allergies compared to over the counter medications or prescription drugs. Those only treat symptoms but do not address or heal the underlying cause. In addition, many of these drugs will have side effects.

With the holistic approach of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine the underlying causes of allergies can be addressed so the allergy can be permanently healed.


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