Chinese Medicine Goes Under the Microscope ─ The Wall Street Journal

Scientists studying a four-herb combination discovered some 1,800 years ago by Chinese herbalists have found that the substance enhances the effectiveness of chemotherapy in patients with colon cancer.

Understanding Acupuncture, Part 2

When physiological/biological balance and homeostasis are maintained the body should be healthy and disease not present.

Understanding Acupuncture, Part 1

How does acupuncture work? This post looks at some popular misconceptions about Chinese medicine, and explains how it affects our bodies and health in simple words. I hope that breaking the “super-natural” myth will make acupuncture accessible to more people who can benefit from it.

Migraines: Acupuncture Proves Effective As First-Line Intervention

A recent study published in the journal Current Treatment Options In Neurology provided evidence that acupuncture is effective as a fist-line intervention for migraine headaches. Testing various complementary and alternative treatments, the authors concluded "Among complementary and alternative treatments, recent positive findings from randomized trials using acupuncture provide evidence of its potential as a first-line intervention."

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