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He is an amazing listener, educator and very patient with your needs.

Acupuncture in the News: Eastern Medicine May Aid Fertility

Acupuncture gains more popularity in fertility treatments. More patients than ever are choosing acupuncture and Chinese medicine to increase their fertility.

“I am pregnant :) …”

I saw Dr. Schwerte at his practice in October last year on a visit to my friends and family in CA. Knowing him privately first, [...]

“Fertility & Labor – Complete care for my pregnancy!”

I was having difficulty conceiving my first child. Dr. Schwerte listened to me and evaluated my life style and all other symptoms before offering his [...]

“My IVF cycle was successful!”

I started going to Dr. Schwerte while I was also going through some fertility procedures. During this stressful time, almost immediately, Dr. Schwerte’s calming personality, [...]

“I am finally pregnant…”

I had previously been to other acupuncturists trying to find one that understood infertility and could coach me through this process. Since I had met [...]

“We are complete believers now…”

My partner and I were trying IUI(s) to conceive a baby and everyone we knew was recommending acupuncture to support the fertility process. We found [...]

“I am a convert now”

I guess I'm something of a convert now. I'm very skeptical when it comes to anything outside of "hard science," and that normally applies to [...]

“Trigger Point Therapy — It works!”

I have suffered from hip pain for years after a car accident. Prior to Dr. Schwerte, I went to a chiropractor and a physical therapist [...]

“I am very greatful . . .”

I give thanks everyday that I found Dr. Schwerte and his practice. I've always been a relatively healthy person with minimal doctor/hospital visits and don't [...]

“Great Results, High Integrity”

"Doctor Schwerte made me believe in oriental medicine, specifically acupuncture. He did remarkable work in heeling me from pretty major injuries I had as a [...]

“It’s the best thing I ever did.”

"Whoa. Marcel, you kind of look bad - again. Still not sleeping?"So went the conversation for months, with one of my closest friends. I've always [...]

” . . . I could not be more thankful.”

I have been dealing with chronic pain for over two years in my neck and arms. The sensations were crippling. After two years of seeing [...]

” . . . you have struck gold my friends!”

When you find a doctor that is not only professional and knowledgeable, but also passionate about their practice, you have struck gold my friends! I [...]


I want to thank you for encouraging me to try treatment on my back. It has not felt this free and aligned in years! Fabulous!Thank [...]

“It seemed to work faster than any of the antibiotics ever did!”

We brought our daughter in to see Dr. Schwerte for an acute ear infection. He gave her a herbal medicine which we gave to her [...]

“. . . conscientious, thorough, reasonable, and truly interested . . .”

I have been suffering from various knee/leg ailments since an IT band injury in November of 2004. Since then I've had the experience of when [...]

“. . . one of the best in his field.”

Andreas is a truly gifted practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. His training in western as well as eastern medicine, combined with his strong intuition [...]

“. . . an amazing doctor. Period.”

Andreas Schwerte is an amazing doctor. Period. He is gentle, highly sensitive to the patient and really devoted to fully understanding developments in both eastern [...]

“I have improved immensely both physically and mentally.”

It has been approx 4 months since I walked into your office for the first time. Since that time I have improved immensely both physically [...]

“. . . the health conditions have all but disappeared.”

Andreas' insights into my health have been invaluable. None of the doctors I visited before Andreas even suggested that my worsening migraine headaches (more frequent [...]

“I never had problems with my shoulder again”

In a brief verbal exchange Andreas analyzed my shoulder ache. In two one-hour visits within 10 days Andreas cured my pain. Since then I never [...]

“I went to numerous doctors . . .”

I had a serious muscular issue in my calf which caused me problems walking for about 4 years. I went to numerous doctors and health [...]

“I have healed from bilateral Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis) 100%.”

I want to thank you for taking such amazing care of me. You played a big part in my healing. I have healed from bilateral [...]

“My energy level continues to increase.”

As we discussed earlier today, the benefits of the latest round of supplements you've given along with your continued accupuncture work have been quite noticeable. [...]

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