I have been suffering from various knee/leg ailments since an IT band injury in November of 2004. Since then I’ve had the experience of when one specific problem shows improvement another one surfaces. If my left side began to heal, my right side would start to bother me, etc. Over the past 2 years I’ve consulted two knee surgeons and seen two physical therapists. While all of these professionals helped me in some way, I still hadn’t been able to return to regular walking for exercise or biking. With encouragement from my personal trainer I decided to attack my knee issues on all fronts and try acupuncture.I began seeing Dr. Schwerte in January 2006. I was immediately impressed with his genuine concern for my overall health, not just my knee issues. He recommended I get custom made orthodics, and recommended a supplement regime aimed at my total well being including reduction of stress and inflammation. My knees and mood improved enough to allow me to discontinue my prescription anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant. I can now walk short distances again without pain, and ride my bike the same distances as before my knees started bothering me.

I very much recommend Dr. Schwerte. I have learned a great deal about my health and how the body works from him. He encouraged me to have some lab tests done which revealed certain facts to me that I may never have known such as food intolerances. He is conscientious, thorough, reasonable, and truly interested in my health.

M. L.