I was having difficulty conceiving my first child. Dr. Schwerte listened to me and evaluated my life style and all other symptoms before offering his treatment. And couple of months after starting with his acupuncture treatment combined with herbal supplements, I was able to get pregnant. Of course things did not end there. He has a solution for everything including my “all day “nausea in the first trimester. His treatments made a huge difference. My nausea went down significantly after a few acupuncture sessions. I could finally function at home and at work. And the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy I was lucky to have Dr. Schwerte’s expertise with labor preparation. My labor pain was much lighter than I expected – to the extent that I did not realize I am in real labor! It went very fast too and I was able to deliver my son without any medication, just like I wanted to. I feel lucky to have found Dr. Schwerte. With his deep knowledge of Western and Eastern/Chinese medicine and his love for helping people he offers a complete, high quality care.