Nearly a year ago, I was referred to Dr. Andreas Schwerte by two independent parties: my great chiropractor and also a woman with whom I had studied Pilates and Yoga at my health club. I have ongoing issues with my sciatic nerve due to an ankle sprain and issues of pain on the left side of my body. Being in the peri-menopausal phase of my life, I was also told that Andreas could assist me with that particular transition.I have been seeing Andreas regularly (mostly every week) for nearly the past 10 months and here’s what I absolutely love about him and his work. I can dash into his office in the middle of my hurried work day, briefly tell him what’s going on with me and INSTANTLY he will know how to treat me, even if I cannot identify all my symptoms or issues. He is so well versed in the field of medicine and acupuncture that he intuitively and instinctively knows exactly what to do . . . and he’s always right. If I had more time I would seriously delve into the study of acupuncture myself because Andreas has so peaked my curiosity about his work and its benefits that have really helped me a lot.

Andreas truly cares about his patients and their overall well being and always makes the time in his busy days to tune into my particular health needs. How can you get a better doctor than that? Andreas will ease any fears you have about putting tiny needles in your body and his knowledge and reassuring presence will make you feel like you’re the most important patient in his practice. His office is very restful and soothing with soft music and lavender to calm any soul and spirit. Once/week I have 45 minutes of totally un-interrupted “Maryann time” and emerge from my sessions with Andreas feeling completely refreshed, restored and renewed. It’s an amazing sense of well being everyone should have the opportunity to experience.