For a long time, I never really considered acupuncture as a methodology for relieving my ‘worked’ muscles. It’s not that I viewed it as a bunk Eastern practice that would make me look like Hellraiser or that I would become faint at the sight of fine needles piercing my skin for the purpose of boosting my health and overall well-being.Perhaps it was because various massage techniques and chiropractic care seemed to keep me tuned up in the past, or just that I lacked a trustworthy practitioner. Most likely it was a combination of that which I was unfamiliar, and I won’t let just anyone stick it to me.

After suffering what was diagnosed as a repeated stress injury, an ailment best treated with rest, I was in need of finding a fast-acting, reliable, low risk and lasting treatment. Based on knowledge and experience, I knew that massage therapy was not intensive enough to get to the core of the pain in time for my next big performance. Additionally, the pain existed in soft tissue and was not induced by a misalignment in my skeletal structure. I am not one to simply pop a pill for an instant fix as it does not address the origin, but rather masks it. No thank you, I’d rather be one with the pain than slide in and out of ignorant bliss and anguish. I contemplated a range of potential cures and decided that acupuncture seemed to be the most credible choice.

My initial introduction to acupuncture was with the friend of a friend whom is a circus artist specializing in juggling. He entered the fine needles into specific points along my foot and ankle – of both feet (even though the injury was only expressed in one), tuned the needles to be in the apex of the point and then left the room so that I could slowly let the needles do their work. After a couple rounds, I felt completely at peace and the pain has considerably diminished. When it was time to perform a week later, I was 98% recovered. I was a believer.

I continue to push the limits of my physical capabilities and find that on occasion, acupuncture is an incredibly effective way to restore the equilibrium and energy flow throughout my instrument.

I was introduced to Andreas Schwerte by my massage therapist-… -who suggested acupuncture, at times, would be a more suitable remedy for reducing muscular tension and healing my body from the inside out. As a trusted source (and we all know recommendations are gold), I decided to take my massage therapist’s advice and made an appointment to see Andreas. Typical Tiffany, spinning many plates at once, each at a high RPM, I was in need of relief just about everywhere. This was a sharp contrast from my prior experience with acupuncture and figured it would provide me with more information to verify if this technique was felicitous for the maintenance of my health and wellness.

Before administering any treatment, Andreas conducted a full assessment of my lifestyle, posture, activities, my tolerance for pain, needles, explained his ideology and wanted to know what questions I harbored. Proceeding with treatment, he continually checked in with me to ensure that he did not impinge upon my comfort zone as he felt it would have a negative impact on my experience. As my session progressed I could feel the tension dissolve, my muscles responding and a freer flow of energy passing through the channels of my body. My mind was completely at ease, serene, clear. I felt aware, balanced and strong. Absolutely incredible. I have been back on several occasions, for specific maladies as well as general realignment.

I highly recommend Andreas Schwerte, acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner. He is extremely knowledgeable, intuitive, caring and sincere. He genuinely cares for the well-being of his clients and takes the time necessary to mitigate not only symptoms experienced, but more importantly the root of the condition.

His expertise and true benevolence holds a key (or dozens, rather) to free my Qi.

T. Barbarash