When it comes to elevated cholesterol levels one important fact to understand is that fats and cholesterol from food are not necessarily the culprit but carbohydrates (e.g. artificial fructose/HFCS) and food additives.

Why is this so important to understand?

Instead of consuming non-fat or cholesterol free processed foods it is much better to curb your processed-carbohydrate intake and to focus on a diet based on wholesome, natural, non-processed foods. Non-fat or cholesterol free, processed foods are usually high in carbohydrates or sugars. According to latest research this is far worse for your cholesterol than eating eggs and full-fat, natural, non-processed foods. The bad form of cholesterol (vLDL) is actually elevated by carbohydrates, toxins, and food additives, and not by fats or eggs.

To ensure healthy cholesterol levels:

  • Focus on a diet rich in vegetables and protein
  • Read food labels; avoid added fructose, HFCS, artificial sweeteners, and natural fruit based sweeteners
  • Get your carbohydrates from vegetables; skip the bread, pasta, pizza, etc.
  • Eat regularly, don’t skip meals
  • Exercise regularly
  • Manage your stress (acupuncture is great for this!)
  • If you drink coffee try to switch to green tea