I give thanks everyday that I found Dr. Schwerte and his practice. I’ve always been a relatively healthy person with minimal doctor/hospital visits and don’t really consider myself much of a hypochondriac. In the past year I started frequently waking up in the middle of the night and developing insomnia. These symptoms further developed into full-blown panic attacks and even depression. All of these ailments were completely new to me and the sheer confusion of what was happening to me was enough to push me further into instability.Unaware of my options, I started regularly visiting my GP (western family doctor) and he spent about five minutes with me before telling me is “just anxiety” and that I need to “calm down”. After a few more visits my doctor suggested “seeing a therapist” and he could “give me some pills to make me feel better.” During this time none of these visits made me feel any better or sure of what was wrong with me. In fact, my family doctor’s impatient and condescending manner left me feeling like I was losing my mind and making up these symptoms in my head. After a few months of worsening anxiety attacks and depression I gave in to my GP and took some SSRI antidepressants for fear that I had nowhere else to turn. The neglect of modern medicine and the awful spaced out feelings the pills were making me feel led to me to do some research on holistic medicine, acupuncture, and the benefits of an different approach to chronic disorders. After looking through medical sites, word of mouth, and yelp I found some glowing reviews for Dr. Andreas Schwerte and scheduled an appointment. It was the best thing I ever did.

The first visit to Dr. Schwerte alone is enough to improve anyone’s health and outlook toward what they are going through. The first appointment with Dr. Schwerte took around two hours and included a thorough written questionnaire and tests/assessments and a lot of personal one on one time with the doctor. Dr. Schwerte will sit down and talk with you about all of your symptoms, your diet, your sense of well being, and anything else you’d like to share. He also listens with an open ear and will take anything you say into consideration, he makes you feel comfortable and positive about feeling healthy. After some tests and discussion Andreas suggested that I am suffering from Adrenal Fatigue (a common disorder caused by too much stress, I had been working two full time jobs, going to grad school, and was in a band!! Too much!) and began a program of supplements and acupuncture that got me off of the Antidepressants. These supplements work more effectively than prescription drugs and have almost zero side effects. Once I was off of the meds, I began a program of supplementation to repair my damaged adrenal glands.

There aren’t enough good things to say about Dr. Andreas Schwerte, he is a dedicated healer that makes his patients a number one priority. His bedside manner is caring and comforting. Dr. Schwerte also mixes all aspects of medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle change; he can look at your blood work and talk about your thyroid levels, or he can administer acupuncture and encourage you to “lie down and just relax.” Everything about this practice is positive, intelligent, and healing; his office manager Wendy rocks too! Not to mention, I moved to Pennsylvania during my treatment and Dr. Schwerte CONTINUED TO WORK WITH ME THROUGH EMAIL ON HIS OWN FREE TIME!!!

If you’ve been suffering form symptoms that ordinary doctors scoff at or simply throw pills at or if you’re looking to explore holistic medicine for all of its glory and healing then start with Dr. Andreas Schwerte. Some insurance is accepted at his office, but not all. If not the appointments will run 100 for the first and 70 after which is well worth every penny and more. For all of his help for getting me off of antidepressants, fixing my anxiety and depression and leaving me feeling like my old self is invaluable and I thank Dr. Schwerte for that.

-T. Craig