I have been dealing with chronic pain for over two years in my neck and arms. The sensations were crippling. After two years of seeing dozens of doctors, following all types of theories, taking all types of medications, and considering surgery options with no guarantees I had come to the end of my wits in finding a solution. I was tired of ‘band-aids’ that just marked the pain. The pain kept knocking me down. I was not able to participate in life and wanted to find a healing to remove the condition and restore my health to its full vitality. You gave that to me. And I could not be more thankful.Through your passion, knowledge, dedication and expertise in the healing powers of both western medicine and Chinese medicine and their philosophies, you offer a full body approach to the healing process. Your work activates the healer within and allows the body to find its natural balance. What a wonderful feeling.

You are an angel come to my rescue and I want the world to know of you. In less than two months of your time, I am living in a brand new world. One full of promise, strength, health and happiness. I have full intentions of seeing you from time to time as a continuing well body therapy.

Thank you. May others be so fortunate to experience your healing hands if in need.


J. G.