I met Doctor Schwerte in April 2005. My initial consultation with him was to discuss my inability to taste or smell anything-nothing-like having a cold every day. This had been going on for nine years. Through the course of our initial consultation it was determined that I had several health issues which may be contributing to the loss of those senses. Over the last year, Andreas has taught me a lot about how organs interact with each other and why certain maladies keep arising within me.

In the beginning we had some great results from his accupuncture work and my body responded nicely to the treatments. Though I will admit that as time went by we hit a plateau where my body stopped responding. We made great progress in dealing with my constant congestion, my digestion issues and overall health, but again, no advancement on restoring my sense of taste and smell. The congestion issue has finally been eradicated, and we are continuing to work on the digestive issues. Through some dietary changes and Andreas’ acupuncture work I’ve been able to stop taking certain medications and have reduced the quantities needed of others.

Where the restoration of my senses was still proving to be a challenge I took the bold step of melding Eastern and Western medical practices which have brought about my ability to taste and smell once again. It’s a whole new world out there for me and although I know that these results came about because of my own work, my following Andreas’ directions, and never losing sight of the prize, I owe him more than words will ever be able to express. He’s genuine, personable, attentive and never in all my visits with him have I felt as though he was not focused on me and my treatment. The words, Thank You, are not enough to express my gratitude for his skill and expertise.

K. B.