I came to see Dr. Andreas Schwerte in order to prepare for a complicated surgery involving the removal of my uterus, ovaries, and cervix, as well as repairing a damaged colon and ureters. I knew the surgery was going to be difficult and I needed help in the recovery process. Dr. Schwerte’s care for me was exceptional. After my surgery, I was unable to sleep and I suddenly experienced intense hot flashes that became unbearable. To say the least, I was emotionally crushed and frustrated. Andreas was so supportive and compassionate and determined to find the right combination of chinese herbs to help me. Two months after my surgery, I am finally sleeping restfully and those hot flashes have nearly diminished.

Not only did Andreas treat me for the process involving my hysterectomy, but he also recognized I had adrenal fatigue. His determination was an answer to many of my “whys.” Why am I so tired all the time? Why do I eat sugar all day? Why do I have no energy and I’m so fatigued? The results from a saliva test confirmed his diagnosis. I had no adrenal function. Due to his diagnosis, treatment, and diet recommendations I’m beginning to feel whole again.

This has been an extremely vulnerable time in my life and Andreas provided a safe haven for me to renew and recover to the new changes in my body. I’ve been treated by so many physicians, and practioners in my life. Some are “good” and some are “ok” and some just don’t “get it” or “get you”. Dr. Andreas Schwerte is someone who definitely “gets it”, “gets you.” He really knows how to listen and his willing to find the right treatment that works. His level of compassion and understanding sets him apart from those in his field. I think he has a gift and a greater knowing that makes him exceptional.