As we discussed earlier today, the benefits of the latest round of supplements you’ve given along with your continued accupuncture work have been quite noticeable.

I’m feeling more balanced emotionally without needing to take the deprex or estress formulas.

I’m sleeping more soundly and waking feeling much more refreshed.

My energy level continues to increase.

Although I’ve had some tightness in my lungs, I have not had to resort to my asthma medicine – use of that was becoming a daily occurrence.

Prior to my starting these supplements to boost my cortisol levels I was suffering a lot of unexplainable muscle and bone aches and pains. They have all disappeared – and most amazingly – after being on the supplements for only one week.

And the most documented proof of these changes is that I keep a log of my blood sugar readings done up to 8 times a day. Over the last week it is clearly noticeable that they have stabilized and are coming in at near normal levels. I have not been able to maintain this level of consistency with them in many, many years.

Thanks, once again, to your expertise, guidance and compassion in helping me to live a happier, healthier life while dealing with a chronic condition.

Best regards,