Most of us will agree that we spend too much time indoors and in front of computers, and that we suffer from an information overload.  But how does it affect us?

I want to share a recent article by Andrew Weil, M.D. that explores the link between modern lifestyles and emotional well-being. I hope that you will find it interesting and change-inspiring.

The article is essentially an excerpt from Dr. Weil’s new book “Spontaneous Happiness” and looks at how modern technology and a disconnect from nature affect our emotional well-being. With the headline reading “You aren’t depressed; our brains just aren’t equipped for the 21st-century life” I find this article to be a refreshing inspiration about how we are fundamentally designed to live.

Dr. Weil graduated from Harvard Medical School and gained worldwide popularity as a medical doctor emphasizing the importance of holistic medicine and healthcare. He established and popularized the field of integrative medicine which attempts to integrate alternative and conventional medicine.

For the full article please follow this link.