The hand of the child gently lays in a hand of mother

  • Switch from coffee to green tea. Women can add raspberry leave tea.
  • Avoid wheat, gluten, and soy when possible.
  • Keep your dairy intake low. Low-fat cottage cheese is recommended.
  • Switch from iced water to room temperature water.
  • Manage your stress. This includes overstimulation by tech-gadgets, TV, even stressful movies or stories. Exercise, meditation, acupuncture, and awareness can be very helpful here.
  • Avoid plastic wrapping.
  • Avoid over-exercising, particularly women.
  • Limit your intake of raw foods.
  • Men should supplement with a vitamin B-complex, women with 1,800mg of folic acid
  • Women should have their thyroid function checked
  • Stop smoking
  • Check your body mass index (BMI). Ideal is a BMI of 18.5-24.9